Month: April 2022

Grinding and clenching teeth is a sign of bruxism

Causes, Effects, and Solutions for Bruxism

Finding Relief From Bruxism Bruxism is a very common and often underdiagnosed disorder that affects more than 50% of adults. It can lead to worn down teeth, toothaches, increased risks of tooth decay and gum disease, and jaw pain.  The good news is bruxism responds well to treatment and your dentist can help you get…
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Dental appliances for sleep apnea

Do Dental Appliances for Sleep Apnea Actually Work?

Sleep Apnea Relief with Oral Appliances Sleep apnea is a condition that affects roughly 22 million people. This sleep disorder has long been managed with the use of CPAP therapy and the nightly use of a machine to keep your airways open. However, CPAP machines aren’t the only treatment option available for patients with obstructive…
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