Month: December 2022

Dental implants help your mouth

3 Ways Dental Implants Make Your Whole Mouth Healthier

What makes dental implants so special? Dental implants are the premier option for replacing your missing teeth, restoring oral function, and creating a natural-looking smile. From replacing a single tooth to creating a new set of teeth, your dentist uses dental implants to improve your oral health. However, they contribute to your overall health too.    …
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Dental implant surgery

8 Dental Implant Surgery Questions To Ask Your Dentist Before Your Procedure

Preparing for Your Dental Implant Surgery Have you decided to explore your options for replacing your missing teeth with dental implants? If you have already committed to this highly regarded tooth-replacement option, you are likely excited about the results! Even with all the excitement, though, feeling overwhelmed or nervous is entirely normal.  You may have…
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