Improve jaw strength for seniors

5 Key Ways To Maintain and Improve Jawbone Strength With Age

As a senior, what can I do to enhance my jaw strength? As we age, we experience diminished jaw strength. Over time, our joints and the components that connect the jaw to the skull and promote optimal jaw function start to deteriorate. We lose muscle strength and have a higher risk of developing TMJ (temporomandibular…
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Find things to do during retirement

6 Things To Do During Your Retirement Near The Villages, Florida

Finding a new hobby is one of the best things to do during retirement. When you’re in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, you start counting the years before retiring. Going to work daily can be exhausting, even if you are fortunate enough to do what you love. Yet for many, retirement comes, and they are…
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How to stay active while aging

Being Active Is Harder As We Age: 5 Ways To Make It Easier

At any age, it’s important to keep all aspects of your health in mind. That means watching your diet and keeping up with routine visits to your dentist near The Villages. However, physical activity is just as vital when managing health for seniors. Maintaining physical activity helps support bone density and muscle mass, reducing the…
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A zirconia crown can save a tooth

A Zirconia Crown Can Preserve Your Tooth for Strength, Stability, and Aesthetics

Zirconia crowns are one of the latest dental technology solutions. Dental crowns are among the most widely used tooth restorations available today. They provide lasting strength and protection while maintaining the natural root structure of the affected tooth.  Zirconia crowns are one of the latest innovations in crown technology, and they could be just what…
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Signs of sleep apnea

2 Small Signs of Sleep Apnea That Aren’t Small At All

When many patients hear the term sleep apnea, they think of a disorder that occurs when you sleep, causing breathing to stop and start. And that’s true; sleep apnea does just that, but it can also cause death when a patient’s breathing is not frequent enough to create immediate tissue ischemia. This leads to tissue…
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How can seniors sleep better at night

7 Things Seniors Can Do for a Better Night’s Sleep

As we get older, our bodies change, and oh, don’t we know it. Our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag. We develop frown lines and wrinkles around our eyes. We lose the ability to be as physically active as we once were. And we don’t seem to be able to sleep. Yet, those in…
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