Teeth Whitening 8 to 10 Shades Lighter: The Power of Laser

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What causes stained teeth?

Most people are familiar with the experience of seeing their smile in the mirror and being less than pleased with the stains and yellowing they notice. There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help you achieve a noticeably brighter smile, and laser teeth whitening is among the latest and greatest.

Stained, yellow teeth can seriously impact your self-confidence, but how did they get like that in the first place? In general, the most important factors in the brightness of your smile are dental hygiene and lifestyle habits.

If you aren’t brushing and flossing enough, plaque can build up and cause noticeably stained teeth. Any stains from food and drinks will be able to accumulate quicker as well.

Certain drinks are among the most significant causes of stained teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, and soda are all prime suspects. Tobacco use—whether smoking or chewing tobacco—also inevitably leads to noticeably yellow teeth.

The Laser Teeth-Whitening Procedure

Individuals dealing with stained teeth turn to many solutions to deal with them. One of the newest and most effective options is laser teeth whitening. This relatively new treatment takes conventional whitening techniques and improves on them with new technology.

First your dentist will determine the current shade of your teeth with a shade indicator so that you’ll know exactly how effective the procedure has been. Then they’ll prepare your mouth by applying a protective coating to the gums that ensures they’re isolated during the treatment.

Your dentist will then apply a special bleaching gel to the surface of your teeth. This powerful whitening gel is only suitable for professional use during in-office whitening. The gel is activated through the precise application of a laser light, which increases its whitening ability.

In general, this treatment takes around 45 minutes and delivers noticeably better results than other whitening alternatives.

Your Laser Teeth-Whitening Results

Laser teeth whitening isn’t just fast and convenient—it’s also incredibly effective. This whitening solution can leave your teeth 8 to 10 shades whiter, which is significantly more improvement than what other whitening options offer.

Patients are left surprised by just how dramatic the difference is. They leave their dentist’s office with a stunning smile far beyond what other whitening options can give them. This new look lets them feel confident in their appearance, improving their day-to-day lives.

The results are long-lasting if you remember to manage your oral hygiene effectively. Laser teeth-whitening results can last between six months and two years, and most of that difference comes down to how you take care of your teeth.

Your teeth are now incredibly bright but are still susceptible to the effects of what dulled them in the first place. For the best results, avoid coffee, tea, soda, and tobacco, all of which can rapidly stain teeth. Keeping up a good brushing and flossing routine is vital as well.

If you notice that, over time, your teeth become dull again, you can schedule another laser teeth-whitening to regain the brightness of your perfect smile.

Other Whitening Options

Of course, laser teeth whitening is far from the only option. Your dentist can also provide you with custom at-home bleaching trays that can whiten your teeth within a few weeks.

There are also all kinds of over-the-counter products that can provide some whitening over time. Toothpastes, strips, and other products may give you whiter teeth, but they take much longer than laser teeth whitening and may not be as effective.

For those with heavy stain or discoloration due to other causes, veneers can be a great option as well. In this treatment, your dentist removes a thin layer from the front of your teeth and creates customized porcelain coverings, or veneers. They then cement these veneers in place for a permanent smile makeover.

Whitening Options To Avoid

Most whitening options are safe and effective, but there are some that can be incredibly harmful. Consult your dentist before trying any unorthodox whitening method, or you could be risking your oral health.

Charcoal whitening toothpaste is particularly dangerous. The abrasive paste can erode the enamel, causing sensitivity and increasing your risk of tooth decay. A brighter smile simply isn’t worth that risk when safer alternatives are available.

Get your brighter smile.

Interested in brightening your smile? Laurel Manor Dental provides both in-office laser teeth whitening and at-home whitening kits. Simply contact us today to schedule your appointment and discover your options for a better smile.