Restorative Dentistry

How We Make Your Smile Look Like New







Making your smile look and feel like new.

Wear and tear, injury, and improper care can harm the appearance and functionality of your teeth. The good news is you don’t have to live with a damaged smile. Dr. Rozensky, Dr. Roca, and the entire team at Laurel Manor Dental change lives every day—relieving pain and renewing smiles through restorative dentistry.

Our professional, compassionate team analyzes your dental condition, determines the root cause of the problem, and forms your best treatment plan. We have years of experience restoring smiles affected by time, disease, and trauma and are dedicated to delivering results you’ll love.

Dental Implants

Comfortable, Natural-Looking, and Permanent

If you have lost some natural teeth but are looking for an alternative replacement option to dentures, dental implants are the perfect solution. Dental implant restorations are comfortable, natural-looking, and permanent. In short, they look and feel like your natural teeth, making them one of the most popular and effective solutions to tooth loss.

Dental implants are placed directly into your jawbone to support a prosthetic tooth. A natural process called osseointegration causes the implant to weave together with the surrounding bone. Because the implant becomes part of your jaw, it functions exactly like the tooth you lost. You can enjoy the foods you used to and flash a bright, even smile.


Great dental care. Made me feel comfortable and the crown process was excellent with latest technology and professional care. Felt great when I left and I don’t like having any dental work so this was a big deal for me. Thank you!



Implant-Supported Dentures

Permanent Smile Reconstruction

Instead of resting on your gums like a traditional denture and requiring an adhesive, this type of restoration is secured by dental implants placed in your jawbone. Implant-supported dentures have an acrylic base that mimics your natural gums and porcelain or acrylic teeth.

Partial Dentures

Replacement for Multiple Missing Teeth

Partial dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth with one appliance. They are removable and designed to both fit comfortably and blend in with your remaining natural teeth.

These dentures are made from synthetic materials and are supported by lightweight metals. By mimicking the look of your teeth and gum tissue, they create a natural looking and fully functional smile. Once the teeth have been removed, a partial denture is important for maintaining your bite and preventing existing teeth from shifting.

Complete Dentures

Full-Arch Restoration

Your teeth are an important part of your appearance and overall health. If all of your natural teeth are missing or extractions are needed for medical reasons, we can ensure that your smile stays bright and natural looking with our secure, comfortable dentures.

Complete dentures restore support to your face and jaw structure, allow you to enjoy eating again, and have a dramatic improvement on your overall well-being. Let Laurel Manor Dental create a set of dentures that complements your facial features, resulting in a beautiful and wholly natural effect.

High Tech Dentistry

Our focus is advanced care and a superb patient experience.

We carefully choose the latest dental tech and tools to increase patient comfort and expand our ability to provide advanced dentistry to our patients.

In our practice, we utilize the following technology:

  • Digital Impressions — No more gooey impressions! Digital impressions also provide more detailed information and a speedier turnaround time in the creation of restorations.
  • Digital X-rays — Digital radiographs reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation while giving the dental team sharper, clearer images that are produced almost instantaneously.
  • Cone Beam 3D Imaging — Using cone beam technology, we can map underlying bone structure, nerve pathways, and soft tissue for more detailed treatment planning.
  • Intraoral Camera — The intraoral camera puts you in the driver seat. You can see exactly what the doctor sees, allowing the doctor to explain your treatment plan tooth by tooth.

Your enjoyable dental experience starts with your comfort.

State-of-the-art technology in a convenient location with the dental team you trust trained in advanced techniques is the perfect recipe for comfortable, comprehensive dental care.