How to Decide Between a Dental Bridge, Implants, and Dentures with Infographic

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Things to consider when choosing a tooth replacement option.

Dental bridges, implants, or dentures—deciding which one to go for can feel like an impossible decision, especially when you don’t know much about them. Take a look at this breakdown of the top five things to consider when choosing a tooth replacement option. 

1. Number of Teeth Missing

Dental bridges might be the best option for you if you’ve only lost one or two teeth. This restoration can replace anywhere from one to four missing teeth in a single arch. In some rare cases, a bridge can replace more than four if you have enough teeth present in the mouth to connect to with dental crowns. 

However, the anchoring teeth will have to be really healthy; otherwise, your dentist may recommend adding a couple of implants to support the bridge. Another scenario can be if you’ve lost most of the teeth on one half of your jaw. In that case, dental implants are the ideal option to restore your smile and keep your jaw bone healthy.

2. Durability of Restoration

How long the restoration will last is a critical factor when choosing a long-term tooth replacement option. The last thing you’d want is to return to the dentist every couple of years for more dental work treating the same issues. Implants are often the most durable option, with a success rate of 96.4% after 10 years, while dental bridges have a 94.3% success rate, which is also pretty good. 

Some removable dentures last five to seven years and generally require replacement more often than implants and bridges. Keep in mind, however, that the length of time any tooth-replacement option lasts depends on the material used and how well you take care of your prosthetic as well as your gums and any remaining teeth.

3. Location of Missing Teeth

Because the front teeth are usually not under as much pressure as the back teeth, replacing them often means picking the option that provides the best aesthetic outcome. And in the looks category of tooth replacement, nothing beats a dental implant. This restoration blends easily with your natural teeth, as it will seemingly emerge from your gums just like a real tooth. Dental implants can also withstand a lot of pressure and can be a good choice for replacing back teeth. Generally speaking, dentures can replace both front and back teeth. A partial denture is also an option when there are remaining teeth. 

4. Comfort and Fit

With dental implants, you can smile widely and eat what you love once more, as this natural-looking restoration is surgically attached to your jawbone. The implanted titanium post mimics your tooth’s roots, stimulating bone growth and providing a very comfortable experience that feels just like your real teeth. 

Removable dentures, on the other hand, may not always provide a good fit for your mouth, particularly if you have to remove and insert the prosthetic frequently. Over time, the denture can become damaged as the shape of your jawbone continuously changes. 

Compared to removable dentures, dental bridges provide a better experience. You’ll get each missing tooth replaced with a very close-fitting porcelain crown, making the fit not only better but more aesthetically pleasing, as the prosthetic is barely detectable. 

5. Upfront and Long-Term Costs 

Removable dentures are normally the most obvious choice when you’re on a tight budget. The upfront cost for implants may be higher, but there’s about a 96% chance they’ll last and last and provide a better experience.

With dentures, odds are you’ll need to replace them at least once, which increases their overall cost. Even the finest, most beautiful dental bridge can sometimes need repairs.  

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