Month: February 2023

How to stay active while aging

Being Active Is Harder As We Age: 5 Ways To Make It Easier

At any age, it’s important to keep all aspects of your health in mind. That means watching your diet and keeping up with routine visits to your dentist near The Villages. However, physical activity is just as vital when managing health for seniors. Maintaining physical activity helps support bone density and muscle mass, reducing the…
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A zirconia crown can save a tooth

A Zirconia Crown Can Preserve Your Tooth for Strength, Stability, and Aesthetics

Zirconia crowns are one of the latest dental technology solutions. Dental crowns are among the most widely used tooth restorations available today. They provide lasting strength and protection while maintaining the natural root structure of the affected tooth.  Zirconia crowns are one of the latest innovations in crown technology, and they could be just what…
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