Month: March 2024

Maintain your dental health while on the road.

Maintaining Dental Health While Migrating North: 5 Oral Care Tips for Snowbirds

Heading north for the winter’s end? Don’t forget your pearly whites! Snowbirds, as you migrate from the sunny vibes of Florida to your northern nests, keeping that smile sparkling is key. Whether you’re a palm tree regular or a snowflake seeker, dental health matters. This quick guide from Laurel Manor ensures your oral game stays…
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Poor posture can exacerbate TMJ.

How Does Poor Posture Contribute to TMJ/TMD Problems?

Ever notice your posture taking a nosedive as the years roll on? Aging messes with your spine, disks, and muscles, often leaving us looking more like a question mark than an exclamation. But here’s the kicker—bad posture isn’t just about looking slouchy. It’s a sneaky accomplice to TMJ problems. Constantly hunching over can misalign your…
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